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Major Fun Award …The inevitable end of the game evits itself. Players…look upon their bonus cards, adding their cumulative bonus to their cumulative scores and chortling variously. And…marveling again, perhaps, at the genius of it all: the box, the game, each other… And so, without further ado, the game begins again, unless someone new wants to join, which will result in yet further ado. [To read the full review, click here.]
Major Fun,
PAL (Play Advances Learning) Award …KerFlip proved to be the perfect balance of fun for the novice word-game player and the “devout word nerd.” … My devout word-game devotee loved KerFlip’s unique focus on rewarding quick action on longer words and the nicely designed playing surface with easy clean-up … As a language expert, I also appreciate that KerFlip forces you to “think big” and try to assemble longer words for a higher score. [To read the full review, click here.]
Sherry Artemenko,
As a longtime editor at GAMES magazine, I play-tested hundreds of board games. Kerflip! is right up there with the best of them. Easy to learn and quick to play, the game’s nice balance of skill and luck allows players of varying vocabulary levels to compete on a fairly even basis. Even the packaging is well designed, with a chute that slides used tiles into a collection box to make cleanup a breeze. Scrabble fans and other word game lovers will flip for Kerflip!
Mark Danna, Puzzle Writer
Kerflip! is an engaging game that is designed for all ages to play together. It combines the classic challenge of making anagrams with a fun, unique play style that rewards quick thinking and doesn’t necessarily require players to know obscure words to win. Games take only 15-20 minutes, making Kerflip! ideal for families on the go.
Beth Marcus, Founder and CEO, Playrific Inc.
I’d like to introduce you all to my new favorite word game called Kerflip … I want to publicly thank Damon, the creator of Kerflip, for thinking up this game because I seriously LOVE it. Kerflip is quick to learn, easy to play for all ages and skill levels, and tons of fun! … I see this game becoming a timeless classic! [To read the full review, click here.]
We’ve amassed a hefty collection of word games … but none are quite like the new KerFlip from Creative Foundry Games. I don’t usually think “fast” when I think word games. However, KerFlip has completely changed my perception of word games and taught me that sometimes they can be just as feisty, if not more so, than any other competitive game … Instead of other games that leave you rearranging and discarding individual tiles all game long, the clean sweep design that sends discarded pieces to the storage below is utterly genius … If you are looking for a truly fun word game that’s a far cry from boring nursing home entertainment, I would highly recommend KerFlip, a game that bridges the gap between fast competition games and thoughtful word play. [To read the full review, click here.]
Now this is a game full of fun and laughter and is a great way to spend family game night! This game is also right up my alley as I love word games and am especially quick with finding words. And KERFLIP! is also the fastest game to clean up that I have ever owned! The box is designed to just sweep the tiles in and you are all done. My older daughter and I were in a stiff competition and we had so much fun! Great game, one that I will be recommending to all my friends! [To read the full review, click here.]
KerFlip is a super fun, fast-thinking anagram game that is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. This is a fast-paced twist on other word play games that makes it entertaining and simple to play … even better is that it has a genius setup and cleanup. We really love KerFlip and think this would make a great gift for anyone in our lives, both children and adults. [To read the full review, click here.]
You know me… I’m always looking for fun and educational games for our kids. KerFlip can be played by kids alone (like our girls do) or parents and grandparents can join in on the fun too. Even adults can go head to head challenging each other to call out longer and harder words! [To read the full review, click here.]
I love the fast-paced feel of this game, and I also love that it’s ever changing. KerFlip is wonderful for beginning readers and college graduates alike, since the game can be enjoyed by people of all reading levels. It promotes critical thinking, problem solving, and can help keep the mind sharp. (Even after a long day spent chasing toddlers around!) [To read the full review, click here.]
To say that KerFlip is “fun” would definitely be an understatement! … I love hearing our children shout out words because I love to see their little minds hard at work … When you play games like this with children you can usually count on some missing tiles eventually but the way this game was created, it’s nearly impossible to lose pieces! Totally Genius! [To read the full review, click here.]
I’m a total word nerd. As a writer, it’s pretty much in my genetic coding … Creative Foundry’s KERFLIP, a brand new board game for kids and adults, is to word nerds as long-stem roses are to romance junkies. It’s an exciting, fast-paced game in which players race to be the first to form words from the available tiles … One of the things that makes this game so great is that kids are often much faster than adults at calling out words. With Jake, the letters go down and he’s already ahead of me calling out words. Even if he uses fewer letters than I do, he still has a good chance of kicking my butt. This, of course, is what he lives for when it comes to games… [To read the full review, click here.]
I really enjoy word games! … my older kids really want to be included, but Scrabble is a bit too hard for them to play right now. With Kerflip! everyone has a shot at winning; master wordsmiths and young pupils alike! Nate and I play this game often. Most times even Blake, who is 7 can play with us. He actually beats us [to the punch] quite often because we over-think the words and he sees one of his recent spelling words in the letters! The game is an amazing concept, but what really fascinates me is how easy clean up is. Simply dump the unused tiles into the hole, then shake the box till all the tiles dump into the cup! [To read the full review, click here.]
My family loves games and I love word games. KerFlip is a new word game that I can play with my kids, all of us have fun, and I can reinforce learning with my kids … The concept of KerFlip reminds me almost like Scrabble and Boggle mixed together but way better … I think my favorite feature is the way it is constructed. The design of the game makes it easy to keep the pieces together and easy to put away. [To read the full review, click here.]
My family LOVES to play “family games” and the kids were really excited when I told them I had a brand new game for us to play … My guys played while I took pictures, but it was really hard to not get involved … Each round only takes a couple of minutes, but it’s fun enough to play it all evening if you like … This is a great “game-night” game and we will certainly be playing Kerflip! on a regular basis. [To read the full review, click here.]
Lisa, Planet Weidknecht,
Kerflip! is “The Fast-Thinking, Flip-Scoring, Free-For-All Word Game.” It is so much fun. My son, middle daughter, and I are all the wordsmiths in the house so my hubby and oldest daughter have to think quickly to beat us. This game is exactly the type of game I enjoy. Anything that stimulates my brain and gets me thinking quick on my feet has got to be good. [To read the full review, click here.]

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