Find (or start!) a KERFLIP game group near you! On the lookout for more people to play KERFLIP with? Check out these popular group networking websites. If a KERFLIP meetup doesn’t exist yet in your area, why not consider starting one!

Tournaments! You’ve won every game of KERFLIP you’ve ever played, but you’re not sure if that means you’re the biggest, baddest word-nerd on the block or if you just need more challenging friends to play with. Want to find out how fliptastically good you really are? Organize a tournament. If you send us some pictures of the tournament, along with the results and your contact information, we might even provide some “surprizes” for the winners!

We’re looking for KERFLIP community reps! If you love KERFLIP as much as we do, and would like to share the fun with friends and, well… everyone, we’re looking for enthusiastic people to be KERFLIP game reps. Email us here for more information, and tell us a bit about yourself: why you like KERFLIP, and how you would promote KERFLIP in your neighborhood and local game stores. Make sure to include your age and zip code. If you’re selected, you’ll receive a free copy of KERFLIP, some additional KERFLIP swag and, of course, bragging rights among your friends! What’s not to love?

School events! If you’re a teacher and would like to hold a scholastic game night or purchase KERFLIP for your school at a discounted educational rate, please email us at scholastic inquiries, or call us at (917) 442-6895 from 9am-9pm EST.

Submit a photo! Have any fun pictures of you and your friends playing KERFLIP that you want to share? Submit them to our gallery along with a short description. All submissions must be in good taste, and any pictures that include minors will be automatically rejected unless submitted by their parents. All approved photos can be viewed in our gallery.

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