How to Play

kerflip player requirements

Spot a word, shout it out, and start your timer! After dropping your tiles, the race is ON to call out one word each! Once the last timer expires, any players who haven’t called a word yet will bust!

Players are scored in the order that they “call.” The sooner you call a word, the earlier you get to score! Why is it important to score early? Because tiles are worth more (10 points) the first time they’re used; once used, they’re flipped and are worth only 5 points to players who haven’t scored yet.

Check out the awesome how-to-play video by Watch It Played’s Rodney Smith, or download the rules and take a peek.

Note: the following videos below are of the 1st edition, but the game plays essentially the same:

(Thanks for the great video tutorial, Timberdoodle!)

(Huge thanks to Hilan Warshaw for filming and editing the video above)

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