Review of KerFlip!

Check out this amazing review of KerFlip! at

Here’s an excerpt…

Kerflip! is “The Fast-Thinking, Flip-Scoring, Free-For-All Word Game.” It is so much fun. My son, middle daughter, and I are all the wordsmiths in the house so my hubby and oldest daughter have to think quickly to beat us. This game is exactly the type of game I enjoy. Anything that stimulates my brain and gets me thinking quick on my feet has got to be good.

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Almost there…

The games are here! The games are here! Now just awaiting U.S. customs processing.

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KERFLIP demo posted

Learn how to play in two minutes!

Check out the short KERFLIP demo video here.

You can also view it on our YouTube channel here.

It’s Fliptastic! :)

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GTS ’12 recap

So, my first convention as an exhibitor is over! Was it a success? Definitely!

For starters, to my knowledge, I was the only word game in town. Now, this was both good and bad. The BAD is that most of the retailers there specialized in fantasy and scifi types of war games. They simply weren’t there to buy word games. The GOOD is that I still got most of them to come over and take a look at KERFLIP and, when they did, their eyes lit up! A number of them ended up buying cases, and the ones that didn’t explained that, while the game just wouldn’t work for their stores, they personally wanted a copy when the game becomes available in May.

After seeing the demo, one retailer exclaimed, “You fixed Scrabble and Banangrams!” Another enthusiastic retailer described KERFLIP as a “Fist-full of Scrabble!”. While I initially hesitated to post these references to other word games (which I know well and greatly admire), I decided that it’s inevitable. Someone’s going to anyway. So, compare away!

Also, the game may be getting some coverage in GGI, the game industry quarterly. I’ll certainly post here when I know more about that.

In any case, I’ve got TONS to do between now and ASTRA in June. I’ll post here when I can. You can also follow our Twitter feed, @kerflip, and be sure to like us on Facebook!

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Getting ready!

For any early visitors to the site, please pardon our appearance while we get our house in order. Lots to do before GTS in Las Vegas (March 12-16)! Then we’re off to ASTRA in Baltimore in early June. Looking forward to both shows and to introducing KERFLIP to the world!

We expect delivery of the first run of KERFLIP early-mid April, 2012! Stay tuned…


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